Should I end things or ask what's up, or just wait?

So I've been kinda seeing this guy for two months. We go on a lot of dates without calling it that, you know "hangout". He is 25 so it's not like I'm dealing with a teenager.

When we first met three months ago he had just gotten out of a really great relationship. And that's actually how we first started going out, we would talk about our exes. He loved her and was going to propose but she chose her family over him since her family didn't like him.

Well, we start talking less and less about our exes and start going out more. Things get a little frisky, but no kissing (weird I know) and keep our clothes on.

He tells me he doesn't want a relationship, and that's why he hadn't kissed me. It was very upsetting etc.

I go on vacation for a week, come back and he comes and sees me as soon as I get back. A few days later he kisses me. That was two weeks ago, things have gotten a whole lot more heated, he kisses me all the time. Out in public, at home, all the time.

We've done a lot, but I haven't let us go all the way yet. What do you think of the situation Has anything changed or are we just friends with benefits now? I

'm not the type to do this type of stuff outside of a real relationship so it's been very confusing and upsetting.
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