How do I take the relationship to the next level?

There is this girl I'm close with that I met this semester. I eventually got feelings for her and told her that. She said she wanted to be in a relationship with me, great! But... I've never dated anyone and she said that she doens't was to ruin me. So we decide to "see how things go."

2 weeks later I ask her on a date and she smiles but tells me to bring friends. Dang, I invite her to my friends event, she says yes, but she went to one of her friends concerts she pormised to go to all semester but kept missing in the past. She felt bad but I told her to do what she felt was best.

1 week later she says that I'm her best friend and she cares for me a lot. Says we have have a "destiny together."

Now I have long winter break with no physical interactions and next semester she will be in a wheelchair due to durgery. She had a bad experience as a child with being in a wheelchair before so I don't think making any moves will be acceptable for a couple weeks.

Whats my next move after so long?


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    That quote she gave you sounds like the biggest friendzone sentence I've ever heard. Hope I'm wrong but if she liked you like she says I think she would try to communicate with you during the winter break and find a way to see you unless you two are miles away from each other.

    • She seemed genuine. We live 4.5 hours away from each other and she's going on a 2 week vacation overseas. We said we would message, Skype, etc.

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