Is being "cool and funny" a bad thing?

So the past two guys I've been interested in have both told me this and I need your advice.

The first guy is a classmate. We ended up running into a concert and flirted for a while and he invited me over. Go ahead and give me crap for giving it up too easily, that's fine. I have always had a crush on him which is why I hooked up with him. The second time we met up he told my mutual friend that I was cool and funny and was asking a bunch of questions about me. Me and this guy still have class together but we are both shy around eachother and we don't really talk anymore, I've tried asking him to hang out and he says no or ignores me. He also told me he's moving out of town when we graduate college in a few weeks. lost cause.

there's another guy I am interested in in my major. These two guys are pretty much opposites. With this guy, he opened up to me right away and told me about his last dating experience and what he's looking for in a girlfriend. I'm not sure why he told me this, we were just gossiping about random stuff. I have a crush on him so I've tried to talk to him more. i think he has friendzoned me. I am pretty different from him but I respect and admire him as a person. I am very nice to him and try to boost his ego. I feel like this is a lost cause too since he calls me his friend and says he's glad we are friends, etc. I asked him how his date went and he told me he really liked her. Then he started asking me for advice because the girl started ignoring him. I tried to help him out but she still doesn't like him. I've also tried to stop talking to him too but he's getting clingy and seems like he's starting to rely on me more. Yesterday he told me I was cool and funny. He told me I should have no problem finding a guy especially since I am stable and have a job, a life, and am a fun person.

In high school guys rated me 7/10 so I'm not totally unattractive. I'm just not sure why I keep getting friendzoned.


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  • First guy was just out for fun and since he knows he was going away he probably thought it was pointless to start dating you or anyone.

    Second guy is simply hung up on that other girl.


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