Should I be worry about the eating habits of my girlfriend?

I noticed that she doesn't eat too much but I though it was just the way she is so I never push her to eat.
But yesterday we went to a party and she drank alcohol, but it was just a little and she was drunk and threw up. She told me that she had not eaten very well in 2 days.

If she have a problem, how can I make her talk without been too annoying?


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  • I'm kind of the same I am not a huge eater. Most of the time. And yes if you don't eat before drinking you get drunk a lot quicker. Try having smaller more frequent meals as I can't eat a big plate full in one hit I send to just nibble, if her weight is not healthy then it's a more serious issue, what is her relationship with food, I enjoy food but I have insecurities about eating infront of people.


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