Is it true that girls don't like a guy who is a virgin or inexperienced? Should I lie?

So I just saw a question where I saw l read that a virgin guy is a turn off to a women and they think that it is disgusting and that something is wrong with him? They wrong date him or be very reluctant to date him?

I am doomed being a 23 old virgin? Should I lie about having no girlfriend and just tell the girl that I had 2 girlfriends they asked me... Or lie about being a virgin?
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  • Don't lie. At the same time you don't have to reveal everything! Some things aren't anybody's business. If you're planning on taking the next step with one person, tell that one person before you have sex but you don't have to tell every girl you date that you haven't had sex yet. Some girls love it, some not so much but if anyone shames you for it, they're definitely not someone you want to date. They're assholes. Everyone's different, nobody should be shamed and I don't think you will be :)

    • Thanks for your opinion.. :-)

      Yup I won't lie about it

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    • lying is to change the fact to something you want or hide it etc for some reason. but don't reveal it its like there's no need to say it bc it's not her or business but maybe at some level may reveal it
      First date is to know each other and build some trust

    • @kenblue yes. Totally agree with you there.

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  • Yeah, most girls dislike virgin guys, that's one of the reasons why guys want to lose it early, cause when they reach a certain age (usually 20) they're seen as weird.

    You could lie, yes, but it's not that easy to make it believable unless you're are truly confident and know you what screw up your first time.
    If you'r gonna lose it to a one night stand, lie. If you're gonna lose it to a girlfriend, don't lie, it isn't something you should lie about in a relationship, plus, if after she knows she rejects you (which is very possible), you'll know she's not the right girl for you.


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What Girls Said 74

  • i would much rather date someone who is a virgin to be honest. Be honest. :) If she judges for that, she is not worth your time.

    • Thanks... You are sweet! And yup. You are right

  • No, most girls don't like a guy who lies. If you lie she will be perceptive enough to see through your lies. Girls want to be able to trust a guy, if he lies and deceives her she'll feel betrayed.

    If someone lies to me then it brings every truth into question. Lying , regardless of the reason behind the lie is a dealbreaker for me

  • Honestly, for me, it's more about dynamic between us.

    If you're a virgin, I get to teach you.. to mold you into what I like..

    and with practice, you get better...

    Non-virgin guys rarely "get better" they've already learned the tricks they care to :P

    I guess, my only reluctance.. might be with the reason why.

    • Hahaha LOL I wouldn't mind learning at all... Haha

  • I'm gonna give you MY (EMPHASIS ON "MY" BECAUSE I DON'T SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN) honest opinion. If I had some sort of magical powers where I could pick from any man, I probably wouldn't want a virgin. BUT WAIT, I don't want a "player" either. I prefer a guy to have similar amount of partners as me. Give or take a few, so ideally from 1-5 partners.

    Does this mean I wouldn't give virgins a shot? No. Don't be melodramatic. I definitely would not turn down an awesome guy just because he's a virgin.

    Would I turn down a guy with over 5 partners? No. But I do have a limit and anything over 15 is intimidating and too much.

    Why don't I want a virgin? Simple. I'm lazy and I want good sex. I'll do my part, but I'm too lazy to teach someone. So I prefer at, least some experience, but not too much lol
    Remember that people tend to go for their equals. And I find that virgin girls are eager to pair with virgin men.

    But I don't think that they're losers. I don't think virgin men are weird. And I don't think there's anything wrong with them. I'm willing to date one, though it's not my preference.

    • But you always have to teach each other every time you're in a new relationship. What a guy did on a previous girl that drove her crazy may not do anything for you and vice versa things you may have done that previous bf's have liked may not be things he likes. Every new relationship may as well be between two virgins because you have no clue what makes them tick.

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    • That is a fair assessment.

    • Look. I'm not completely against virgin men. I won't not give him a chance because of it. In fact, there was this attractive little middle east man in one of my classes. He was really sweet and I liked him. I liked him a lot, I wanted to ask him out. He was a Muslim. He was abstinent until marriage, he never even had a girlfriend.
      I'm atheist. And I did want to, but I knew he'd say no.
      So I never pursued it. Not because he was a complete kissless virgin, but because I doubt he'd ever want to date me.

      So it's not like I'm gonna be "ewwww. Virgin! Let's spit on him!"
      It's just that I prefer, emphasis on prefer NOT REQUIRE, someone with a bit of experience.

  • i won't date a man who isn't a virgin, if that's any consolation to u. some girls prefer them. regardless of whether or not ur a virgin though, u must be open and honest from the start. u can't build a relationship on a lie.

  • aww it's ok! if a girl thinks your're a loser for being a virgin, she's the worthless one.

  • I don't mind inexperienced guys but I do hate liars

  • I've never met a girl who's had a real problem with a boy being a virgin but every girl i know will have a problem with a boy lying to her... tell the truth

  • I actually would like it better if a guy was a virgin as i am one too and we can discover it together... but it would be awkward if I'm the one to be comfortable to have sex before he is lol...

  • I don't really mind either... If it's a hook up or friends with benefits I'd prefer an experienced guy, if it's a boyfriend I don't mind him being inexperienced, that way I can teach him what to do and make him do things exactly the way I like it. 😏 Some "experienced" guys are so up themselves thinking they know how to please a girl, bitch please... 😒

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What Guys Said 51

  • If your dating the girl don't lie but if it's a girl you've been talking to that your not in a Revelations with lie, trust me don't listen to the girls that say don't lie because a lot of girls don't even understand or realize how cold they are, girls don't want to sleep with a guy that is inexperienced and won't be able to make them orgasm, it's a waste of time it's like you having sex and not being able to ejaculate, whats the point? Unless your dating her she will be willing (hopefully) to deal with it because you are most likely going to do it again and plus it's a opportunity to connect but with someone that is just someone that isn't into you and your not into her emotionally, maybe physically you should lie, the girl I lost mine to didn't know and I don't think she would had slept with me if she knew, I didn't lie she just assumed I wasn't and I was good at it the first time I only told her because I was having trouble fingering her and putting my penis in and I didn't want her to feel insecure and think it was her fault. This knowledge is based from experience.

  • I find it somewhat amusing how most girls here write the sensitive "no don't lie, that's bad m'kay" answer but then will go to OP's mentioned poll and vote on virgin guys being unattractive.

    Look ladies. You have this mentality where whenever a friend or whomever asks for advice, you say not what they NEED to hear. But what they WANT to hear. You'll say anything just to be sensitive to their feelings. Although that quality is admirable, your unwillingness to hurt his feelings, it works against him. I mean... why do you vote in that poll about a virgin guys being a turnoff but then start singing a different tune as soon as you're asked directly whether a guy should be honest about being virgin or not?
    You yourselves proved that virginity in a man is unattractive. It's only logical to assume that the best way for an virgin guy to get laid is to either not reveal it or lie about it because, again, you yourselves proved virginity is unattractive.

    Please answer, which of your advice should men take into consideration - that virginity is unattractive as proven in the polls, or that a guy should risk revealing it?

  • If you lie - you'll look bad in bed.. Nkt just for that once but forever (unless you prove her wrong)

    If you tell the truth - she won't expect it to be mindblowing.. Just quickly blowing

    But that being said.. My first time was my favourite.. I lasted long enough.. She came a lot too

    It was all good :)

    • My first time I didn't even cum girl got fucking tired after about 40 minutes and said no more please man I felt great even though I didn't cum

  • I love how all these pathetic guys are talking about how being a virgin affects it so much, it's like a guy like me who has to shave his head- a lot of girl like it, a lot of girls don't, and there's attractive ones on both sides, I had opportunities with another virgin (who was hot mind you) and I turned it down because I wanted something real. These other guys saying different are just angsty kids, I don't care what the age says, a lot of guys don't mature

  • Lying for sex is pretty bad.

    However, yes, most women will prefer an experienced lover. This is because women are really hard to please sexually. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to do so.

    But just because it might make it harder for you to find a fuck buddy or something of that nature most women will not care when it comes to their partner. Soooo yeah lol

  • Don't lie. If she can't accept it she's not worthy of you anyways. Actually I think it would be better to just tell her, so she's she doesn't expect you know what you're doing.

  • trust me, majority of the guys out there between 20-25 are either virgins or so desperate the only reason they aren't is because they went for hookers and butterfaces or fugly girls, its only when ur over 30, tables are turned, single ladies start to get desperate and men get it easily, i personally have only kissed a girl once and dry humped another and have more experience than 99% of the men i know in india

  • Most girls wouldn'twant to hookup with a virgin but they are open to dating one, although it's probably not their ideal scenario.

    • I don't want a hook up either... I would go for something serious..

  • Man its rough. Women are shallow as fuck. Men could care less about experience but women are not so understanding. Now i still say be honest. The reason? You dont want a shallow bitch. You want quality women. They won;t care.

  • even if it's a turn off for the girl in question (which it might be), it's better that you find a woman that is willing to be accepting of your inexperience rather than a woman that's going to be a cold frigid bitch about it.

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