Girls, how do I get my girlfriend back if she broke up with me for cheating on her?

I had sex with another girl and my girlfriend caught me. she then punched me and dumped me. I am sorry and really love her!


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  • You don't. That's up to her to decide if she would want to settle for less with a cheater. Besides you didn't even confess yourself and it probably wasn't the first time you cheated.

    If she actually caught you in the act of having sex with another girl, no one gets over that. It's one thing to learn about getting cheated on but another to actually walk in on that.

    • If you love her then leave her alone and let her be happy and not deal with trust issues, even if that means she never wants to hear from you again. That's what selfless people do.

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  • I hope you don't get her back. I'm sorry dude but it's true. You should have thought about it before u cheated on her, ass hole. Get the fuck out of here. You sound like your not even serous about getting her back, cause if u were then you would of explained why exactly you cheated on her what made you do that.
    Sorry it's just the truth.

  • You don't. You already fucked up. It's too late.


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