Should I send a message to a guy I met once?

So I'm currently on an internship program at Disney World for the semester. I work in one of the larger merchandise stores and yesterday this guy came through my line. I noticed him because when he first walked up he was just staring at me and smiling unusually longer than normal. I was making small talk with him, and he was telling me how he had really been wanting to buy this shirt and he had finally been able to come get it and he was happy we weren't sold out. I told him about a shirt I had wanted so I hid it and he laughed and just seemed so interested. During this entire time he was just staring at me, and when I would look up we would make eye contact and he wouldn't look away, he just kept smiling.

I asked him if he had any discounts he gave me his company ID and his credit card, I checked the name on both to make sure they matched, and I asked him where he worked. He told me he was an engineer at one of the parks and worked behind the scenes, he asked me if I knew where one of the buildings was and I said yes, and he said that was where he worked. I rang up his purchase and then we were both standing there, he seemed like he wanted to talk some more, but there was a line so he told me to have a good evening and left.

I just felt like we had a connection, and it seemed like he wanted to keep talking to me but because there was a line he couldn't. I remembered his first name, because I had to check his ID and his credit card, so I looked him up on the employee roster, which gave me his full name, and then I found him pretty easily on facebook. The only reason I found him is because I looked him up on the employee roster, so I don't want to be a weirdo and randomly add him, but I don't know how else I can meet him again. Unless he comes looking for me at work then it's pretty much impossible, because he works behind the scenes so walking around his building isn't possible.

Should I add him or message him on Facebook? If I do message him what do I say?
TL;DR: I rang up a guy at work who seemed interested in me, I found him on Facebook but he doesn't know my name. Should I message him or add him anyway? If so what do I say?


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  • do it. Just say hey are there any one shirts you want from the store? I Know a guy :P.


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  • I say go for it. Nothing wrong with taking chances, plus guys are not so creeped out by random stuff like that :P
    just make the conversation casual say hey i was hoping we could talk more and this is the only way i could think of contacting you... something a long those lines.
    Hope that doesn't sound too creepy lol


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  • I would add him :) I wouldn't message him though, just add him, and if he doesn't message me, then I'd message him some weeks later.


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