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I've been friends with this guy since August. We've hung out two times. We stopped talking for a while mainly because I was mad at how difficult it was just to talk to him. I mean hours between replying to texts, it was annoying and I assumed what any woman would that he wasn't into me. So during that time he started liking all my stuff on social media and reached out (first! wow weird) so we started talking again, totally different than before, we actually had conversations and he didn't take forever to respond and even apologized if he did. We hung out and had a good time, but he's super awkward with talking about how he feels about things. Long story short I managed to figure out why, he finally admitted he was insecure. and we are a lot closer now. We hung out two days ago at my apt and had sex. He intiated it, it was fun. We cuddled a lot and talked a lot. The next day he wouldn't leave for 3 hours even though he knew i had to work because he wanted to lay in my bed and talk. Now I'm worried I guess if this is it. I guess I don't have a logical reason why he wouldn't talk to me anymore, but technically I saw him yesterday afternoon. Does it take a long time for a guy to reach out? Do they get nervous or is he waiting for me because he's insecure?


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  • he may be waiting it from you


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