For people who have tried online dating, how often do people respond to your messages?

I made a little experiment of this. I created a profile on 'Plenty of Fish' and proceeded to message 100 girls in Ontario over the course of two days (50 each day) with a simple/short message such as "hello." I waited one week to give them a chance to respond before tallying the results and for those that responded I went on to see how long the conversation would continue.

Overall, I had a response rate of 9%, slightly less than 1 in 10. Interestingly, my response rate for the first half was 6% while in the second half it doubled to 12%. Also, the average conversation length increased in the second half but only reached a maximum of 4 responses from one girl.

There are many variables I didn't account for, but I did this in an attempt to determine if there's anything substantial to online dating. If you can't start and continue a conversation with someone you're interested in online, then it's not likely that a relationship will come of it.

Guys, what are your experiences with online dating in regards to getting girls to respond and carry on a conversation?

Girls, what are your thoughts on this?



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  • Honestly, a "hello" is not going to get a response from me. I personally feel like most people who do that are copy and pasting that 100+ times in everyone's inbox.

    Give me something that pulls me in. I realize that it's time consuming. And maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. But I feel like people have to do more work.

    I often don't respond to messages right away due to being busy or seeing someone and it's promising, but we are still too early to tell.

    But I typically respond to well thought out messages that show the person read my profile. I don't think a person needs to write an essay. But at least say more than "Hello".

    When I would message guys, and I would send them decent messages, I would maybe get a response 1 out of every 10 I sent. I feel like there are a lot of fake profiles or people who just A) don't care, and aren't taking it seriously or B) they aren't interested. Unfortunately that makes up 2/3rds of the dating pool online. You have to find the 1/3rd who is looking for you!

    • To me, sending 'hello' as a message is like sending an advertisement to make people aware of you. If they're interested by something on your profile then they'll respond. It can be a way of screening people to see who would take an interest in you.

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  • I dunno if it counts as online but I have used tinder before. Most of the time, I got responses somehow.


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  • I only respond to people who actually bother to start a conversation, not a simple "hello". Ask about something in one of my photos, comment on something - anything. Personally I am naturally curious so anything will get me talking.

    If you want a higher rating, ask the person about something they have mentioned in their bio or photos. Have abit of a flirt here and there, have fun and dont dive into any questions about work, school, hobbies just yet. Save it for later when you REALLY have nothing to talk about!

    • So you're saying I can skip the small-talk and greetings, and jump right into questions/comments?

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  • Did better than me man I gave it up a long time ago, but when I had one I barely got any likes from girls and the ones who did like me when I messaged them they never responded.

  • not often at all


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