I think I have a narcissistic personality?

Will I ever be able to find a girlfriend like this


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  • Yeah I seem to be attractive to that type haha!


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  • If you think you have it you don't. That would never enter a narcissist's mind

    • Like I sit back and look at my behavior at work I think a lot of my coworkers dislike me for it

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    • I always get there 30 minutes early and it really upsets me when something is wrong with the store

    • I don't know, I don't know you

  • Do you feel empathy for others? That's first question you should ask yourself. If yes, then you probably don't have NPD. There is a huge difference between being obsessed with yourself (egotistical, self-absorbed) and NPD. The former can easily be fixed. NPD will require therapy or some other way to healthy live with it. Don't lose hope dude. There's hope, you just got to put a lot of effort into it and find the right person.

    • Yes I feel empathy for others

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    • Actually I feel deeper then some people for their situations I have even had situations where I didn't know the person but my heart hurt for them

    • That's a very indicator that you don't have NPD. Which is good. :)

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