How do I choose what women to pursue?

So recently I have been crazy about girls, more so then usual, and for reasons I am not going to get into, but anyway I won't go into too much detail about it. So everywhere I freaking go I see hot girls that I want to ask out, but I just can't decide who to ask out, there are so many good looking girls that I want, how do I choose 1? I waited for a little while to see if girls would pursue me and not make me choose but then I realized I was delusional and that would never happen, so now I gotta decide. I am in it for the long run, so I gotta make at least a decent decision, but even still I can't spend time getting to know 10 attractive girls and figuring out which one I like most, how do I choose which ones to talk to? How do other guys do this? This is so difficult.


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  • Simply put, don't go off of looks. Granted I am currently dating like the most stereotypical out of my league pretty girl I could find, but that's not why I asked her out. I asked her out because she is my best friend. Someone who has had similar life experiences, family values, and common interests. We know how to make each other laugh and can just sit and talk for hours. That's how I decided. Looks had no part in it.


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