Should I go for it and ask her out?

So we've known each other for about 4 months but we were mainly aquiantances for a while until recently. She's super hot, confident, and nice. It's strange because we live opposite lives yet we have so much in common (I'm the stereotypical good guy and she's a "bad girl" in a sense). But when we first met I was interested, but backed off when I found out she had a boyfriend. But then their relationship started falling apart and she ended up kissing another guy. I give her some props because she was honest enough to tell her boyfriend who then dumped her, and she also told me about it even though she seemed pretty ashamed about it. I'm the type of guy that doesn't focus on someone's past since it's not my business and we all fuck up in our lives, but I will definitely be more cautious with the information I have. Recently she has been hanging out with me a lot more than she used to and even when I don't even to talk to her she will go out of her way to sit by me or talk to me. She invited me to a school play that she was in and asked me to give her a ride home from it and another event the next day even though she could easily get a ride elsewhere. She leaned over to me in the driver's seat and kissed me on the cheek both times, but she's Hispanic and does this often to other guys so I acted like it was normal. The only thing odd about it was that it wasn't just a peck (it lasted a little longer than a simple greeting kiss), she leaned over the car, and I'm the only white guy I've ever seen her do that with (she normally only does it with other Hispanics) she also laughs a lot at most of my stupid comments because I'm very puny and sarcastic even though I don't even find half of them funny. Plus we do the same extracurricular activities and one of them involved a 3 mile run which she used her lack of cardio as an excuse to hold my hand as we ran so I could force her to keep running with me. I currently have a mutual friend seeing if she likes me. Should I go for it?


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