Emotional commitment mean?

Hi ladies and gents

I have been seeing a guy for a month and a week. We have been in 11 dates. I know he is still seeing other people. We are very open and honest with each other. He's not quite sure he's ready for a monogous relationship but he knows he can commit. We are both comfortable where we are right now and its good.

Today he says he wants to see less people. Told me he likes another girl too. Then he springs this little bomb on me.

"And about continuing to be emotionally committed to you L*** and liking you, and wanting to share your company"

What does emotionaly commited mean?

I don't have much experience with relationships


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  • Tell him exactly what you want. If he isn't willing to give you the same level of commitment you're willing to give him you would be better off ending it. With such little experience especially, I would suggest keeping things simple, one on one relationships. Less people involved, less drama.


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