Was seeing a girl for a bit, but she went away to school. Now we don't talk. Still a chance when she gets back?

I was seeing this girl for a couple weeks after we met but she had to go to school 6 hours away on an athletic Scholarship.

We met through a friend, and the first time I met her we talked and joked and at the end of the night, Told her to add me on facebook. We all ended up hanging out as a group a few more times. The 1 night we all hung out, we went for a walk on our own and I decided to make a move. We ended up making out and that's when we found out we liked eachother. Few days before she left for school, we went for lunch and also went to the beach and chilled and had a fun day getting to know eachother. A couple days later, we ended up with friends again for drinks, and eventually went off on our own and went for a drive and parked somewhere and we made out, and things escalated a little more. The next night, which was the night before she had to leave for school, she did her rounds to see all her friends, and she left me for last. We had a really good hangout, and we ended up fooling around. We did not have sex, but everything else happened. She definitely wanted me that night. We also had a talk and I told her I understand that she's going away and she's going to be doing her thing and Im going to be doing my thing, and thats totally understandable, and well see what happens when she gets back for Christmas.

We eventually parted ways that night, and when she was away, we texted a lot, we skyped a few times, and texted some more. But the past few weeks, haven't really been talking. She likes my photos sometimes on FB, but doesn't really text as much, and I kind of get it. She has school, exams, and her sports which takes up her days and nights. I'm not sure if she started seeing someone or anything, but it's possible, and again understandable. She kind of just stopped going out of her way to text me like she used to kind of outa nowhere

she's back home in a week or 2. How should I go about meeting up with her again, and Do you think we could continue off what we started?


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  • Yes you should ask if hanging out will be possible , but find this out in advance of her arrival. It would suck if you waited til she got in just to find out her schedual is too full and she can't make time to chill

  • Try and pick it back up and see what happens. If it goes well talk about trying an official long distance relationship. I have a similar but opposite problem.

    I fell in love with a girl at school but she lives 1200 miles away from me and graduates a semester before I do. At some point we will have to talk about what the plan is. As of now I would love to move to Texas to be with her post graduation and find a way to make a 7 month separation work its a matter if she feels the same way in May.

    If it's pure and true love will always find a way. That's what I believe


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