Was I in the wrong? He didn't aske to wait for him after turning me down but acts put out that I didn't wait?

Been seeing a guy off and on every few years or so. Mostly just casual sex but its been ten months since our last hook up. He's part of MGTOW and is generally against dating at this point in his life. Even while knowing this I suggested maybe becoming something more with him and he said he wasn't looking for a relationship. No big deal. Didn't harm our friendship in anyway. It had been two months since we last spoke and I decided to try dating again. He found out, via Facebook. Been acting put out ever since. Only replies with small talk or remarks like "Don't worry about me, I'm good". Which had nothing to do with our conversation to begin with. Now he's been posting all over Facebook about slutty women who like toying with his emotions and stuff about "girls claim they want you but then don't even have the decency to wait around for you. So much for you caring, huh?" I know they are directed toward me because of the comments his friends post underneath them. Why is he doing this? He stated he didn't want me and didn't want a relationship but now he's getting all butt hurt? Am I truly in the wrong here? I don't understand.


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  • You are not in the wrong at all. You are 100% right. You waited long enough for him. Usually in relationships you never ready l. No matter hot good you planned it. You just have to take it as it come and make the best of it. He blew his chance now he has to wait his turn if there's ever one. And he should be acting like a mature guy not a little15 year old kid posting silly butt hurt things on fb.


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  • MGTOW? Run away, those men are fucking tools.

    • He's been brainwashed by jaded men in that "community," it is not you, it is him.

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    • You asked for it, there it is. Read it all. Learn from it. Then come back and tell me I am right. Or don't, I don't really care. If you don't think I am right, well then there is nothing more I can do, you asked for reasoning, there it is, you disagree, all I can assume is you are one of those jaded brainwashed men who refused to face reality.

    • @DBAOracle The guy Asker is talking about is obviously fallen into the brainwashed paradigm of the Red Pill, his behaviour exactly mimics it. Tool tool tool.

  • no you are perfectly in the right

  • No, you are not in the wrong here. He is.

    He's conflicted because he cares about you in his heart but his mind is telling him he shouldn't become connected. I totally understand where he's coming from with the whole MGTOW thing and can't blame him a bit for it, but he shouldn't mess with you like that. He needs to grow up and figure out what he wants.


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