If a girl avoids a guy in presence of other guy, does it mean she likes the other guy?

I have a friend in my class, basically she and me are the only friends we have no other friends...
She talks so happily and nicely to me to a point where i think she likes me... i like her ofcourse.
Even if we dont sit together, she comes up to me in breaks and sits with me for 5 mins and talks happily and nicely...
But her behaviour changes completely in presence of one dude...
That dude gave her coffee to her and she accepted , they both were not talking and that dude was sitting right behind her...
I went upto her and sat with her and offered handshake... she did not smile at me, she did not talk at all, she just open her notebook and asked me a doubt regarding studies... and then excused herself out of the class...
I also went back to my original seat and she came back after 2 mins and said thnx to me... and went back to her own seat... sitting alone..
why she did that? please help me
  • She likes that dude and avoided me infront of him because she doesn't want him to think that she likes me.
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  • She likes me, i am overthinking.
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  • Can't say for sure. she might just be doing it unconsciously.

    • Nope, i think she likes the dude coz at the end of the class, she went up from her chair and went to his chair infront of me for the whole class...

    • Maybe jusT go ahead and ask her

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