Am I too big for her?

So there's this girl I'm seeing. We're not in a relationship yet but it feels inevitable. I'm 6'2" tall and about 230 lbs. She's only 5'2 and 94 lbs. This is what my buddy said: "You guys would make a weird couple you're a big gorilla and she's a skinny little twig". Is it too big of a size difference I didn't even take that into consideration.
More opinions would be appreciated.
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  • 52 94 pounds is not a skinny twig. she's not tall, so she doesn't weigh a ton. her weight is healthy.

    anyhow, if you like her who cares how it looks to people. really is that how you want to choose your partner? based on potential gossip?

    if so you should do her a favor snd move on. she deserves someone who believes in her not embarrassed by the ida of being with her.

    • She really is skinny she told me 94 but she might be less.

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    • Yeah thanks it looks kinda cute anyways lol. Yeah might be too big down there hopefully I'll find out soon haha

    • good luck;)

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  • That shouldn't matter at all. If people are going to say you two do not belong together because of how you LOOK, those people are fucking ignorant.

    This is about YOU and HER, no one else. People will always have shit to say, but they should have NO bearing about what the two of you want.


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  • Love has no boundaries... just don't crush her😮😮😮

    • I could see that happening or accidentally being too rough with her lol.

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