Why does he only respond to texts with one word?

So I recently started dating a new guy. We have only been on one date. He is the one that asked me out and initiated everything. Before the end of the date he asked me on another date, and we are supposed to go out sometime this week. And he also gave me a kiss at the end of the date.

But the only thing I've noticed is that he initiates conversation with me, but he only responds with one or two words. If I respond with one or two words to end the conversation he will usually ask another question or say something else to continue the conversation. Could he be shy? Playing it cool? Or what? I'm confused lol. Thanks! :)
I forgot to add that he takes about an hour to respond back. But he usually sends little flirty messages.


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  • He is likely to be playing it cool. Can you provide some example about how he respond to your text? Make sure to provide the conversation from both sides. The more detail you provide, the better I can help you. Unacceptably poor spelling/grammar, or unacceptably vague details will not get you a good answer.

    • Well, the responses he sends are so short, that's why my question is pretty vague. I would have to outline a whole conversation for you.

      The dialogue will be like "how are you?" (him), and I'll say "I'm good and you", and he would say "I'm good", and then we wouldn't say much and he'll just say "what are you doing", and I respond. It's just like small talk. We never get into deeper conversation.

      He comes off as a little shy. Maybe he doesn't know what to say and wants me to lead the conversation? I'm not used to doing that though; I'm used to the guy leading. And I've always thought that it's the man who should keep the conversation going or else I'm chasing him.

  • Because...


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