Is she really flirting with me and playing hard to get?

There is this girl in my class i get along really well...,,
She talks to me very nicely and happily and we got really close in last few days...,,,
so suddenly she stopped talking to me, and i also did not chase her...,,
Then in the lunch break, she came up to me, shook hands with me and sat with me and talked to me for about 5 mins...,, and then she left...,,,
I want to ask is she flirting with me?
  • She is flirting with me, i should chase her.
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  • She is just being friendly. she is not romantically interested.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think she's being friendly.

    • Yeah maybe ur right... do u think if she was interested romantically... she would have stayed there more than 5 mins?

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    • She was touching my arm while sitting but she left after 5 mins...
      was that touching a sign of flirting?

    • Maybe, but with the rest of what you said, I doubt it. Like, she shook your hand... come on..

Most Helpful Guy

  • The question is - if the assumption that she is flirting with you is true, would you even want to? I mean... would you want a girl that plays games like that? If she plays games during the attraction phase, there's no telling she won't play games while in the relationship.

    • Im ready to play with her games, i just want to ask if she is interested in me or not.

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    • I stopped talking to her but then she came up to me herself... for 5 mins and then she left...
      was it an invitation for me to chase her?

    • Could be. Or she's just trying to get your attention for the sake of attention.

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What Girls Said 1

  • i think that she is not romantically interested

    • But she shook hands with me... Sat with me for 5 minutes and then left..

What Guys Said 2

  • shook hands with you i dont know bro. and you say you are in school but your profile say 25-29

    • In college.

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    • Bro, i try to chase her outside class , thats the most flirting i can do...
      but she doesn't seem to be seen with me outside class... and she just walks away when we talk outside the class... i dont know...

    • i dont know man sounds like she is playing you. good luck on that one man, i hope i could have helped but i dont know bro

  • Probably just friendly, don't pursue.


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