For the first time ever I was able to approach girls in public and I really feel like they just used me lol?

I don't know if this is really a question, but i am feeling kind of weird about this. so basically, for the first time ever i was able to approach 2 girls that were sitting infront of me in the bus (first time i ever approached girls in public too, very big deal for me tbh). we talked for a bit, left the bus on the same stop and still walked for a bit. the topic of weed came up, so i said lets smoke some.. and THEY suggested my house. 'sure why not' i said.
now dont get me wrong, i really wasn't expecting a gang bang with these girls i just met. but i thought they liked me even a bit xD and that we could exchange numbers or so to at least keep in touch. but basically, all that happend, was we smoked, then when they were about to leave (it was already late), one of them asked me if i could sell her a joint or 2, i said i dont do that, so i just gave it to her (i didn't want to impress them or anything, but im not a dealer and im not gonna sell something for 5$, i usually just give). they didn't ask for a contact, so when i did, they kind of reacted really weird. one of them, wrote down my number, didn't give me her's and just said that they would get in touch with me. i somehow doubt it haha. so yeah, that is my first time ever approaching girls in public story!
looking back at the whole thing, it does look like they just wanted to use the opportunity to smoke some weed, but what confuses me is that weed wasn't brought up till later, and they seemed to enjoy talking to me, through out. and its not like they could 'sense' that im a smoker or anything like that and that they were nice to me JUST to get some weed. thats why im really confused about this xD

again, not really a question, but if somebody has something to say about this experience, please do:)


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  • You met these girls. Suggesting your house was propably a joke. You gave them a free joint. You gave them your number. If they were interested, they will call. But they are not obligated to. You were not used.

    • What do you mean I was not used to? And honestly I don't think them suggesting it was a joke

    • It most likely was a joke.
      You said you felt like they used you. Well they didn't.

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