If this happened to you what would be your reaction?

I like this girl and most probably she likes me back and she is hiding it. After a hang out she sent me you have no idea how much I am happy when we hang out. I totallt enjoy your company. Thank you for the lovely Saturday night. I expressed my emotions and I told her we both have a thing for each other and both of us can't deny it. It was a very long message and she sent me, I am speechless John. I didn't reply not even an emoicon.
because there is nothing to be said. I didn't text her for three days and she didn't text either after her last message . I used to text her everyday. If you are in her position what would you think of the guy, what will be your reaction? Will you think that the guy is ignoring you? A player?


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  • I would assume you're not interested. I would have been offended by you not replying.


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