Long distance, yay or nay?

Hello all,

Thanks for taking the time to read but just need to get some advice really on a new spark ;)

I met a girl through some mutual friends of ours at a party a little more than a month ago now, we hit it off and ended up kissing etc. We have been speaking a lot since and things got quite intense over text, how she was saying she can't wait to see me etc and how I make her smile so much and so on...

She came to visit me last weekend and we had a great time she stayed over for 2 days at my place as she lives around 300 miles away, we did sleep together, which could be a little soon? But had a great weekend in each others company, kissing, holding hands etc.

Since she has gone we are still texting and flirting a little etc and she says she is looking forward to seeing me again in a couple of weeks when we go on a trip with our mutual friends.

But now seems less intense on the messages, like I say still flirting etc but the general vibe seems like she may be holding back a tad bit, not sure if she might be getting cold feet or me just being paranoid but she doesn't seem AS excited as she was before.

Now question is as I really like this girl, do I back off myself a bit now or carry on as is? I know she must be keen herself as she wouldn't travel 300 miles to see me, or is this me just overthinking things as do have a tendancy to overthink sometimes.

Thanks for reading this and advice is greatly appreciated


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  • The distance could certainly be a factor in her behavior. I don't think you should back off though if you really like her. Long-distance relationships are hard but not impossible if both people are dedicated and committed to each other. I think you should just talk to her about this. Ask her how she feels about it and see what's going on. Hopefully she'll be direct and honest with you.

    • Yeah exactly :) I have been in long distance before this too and was hard but is doable and tbh where I live I dont see myself living forever. So if I did meet the right person and things went well I would move.

      I am not sure if its too soon yet to mention serious stuff as we are still having fun and getting to know each other. I think I will just ser how it goes from now on and will be less heavy with my flirting ;)

      Thanks :)

    • Okay, that makes sense. I honestly think long-distance is pointless if one person doesn't plan on moving closer to the other person at some point in the relationship. So, it sounds like you've thought it all through. Good luck :)

    • Yeah definitely I agree, like I say though have only spent time with her properly a few times so still getting to know each other really.

      Thanks :)

    But if both of you can eventually meet why not?

    • Yeah distance does suck tbh, as just wish I could pop round instead of messaging back and forth all the time

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