Am I right not to give her a chance?

There is a girl that likes me and I like her, I have known her for about 5 years and up until two years ago she had a boyfriend, so I kept my distance and treated her with respect. She split up with her boyfriend and then a year later she got with another dude (I was seeing another girl at the time), well her relationship broke down after a few months and ever since late last year she's done nothing but have casual sex and in the summer had three guys on the go at the same time. I like her but I don't like that kind of behavior. Our mutual friend kept on name dropping her into our conversations and does so to this day and wants us to get together but I just can't do it. I am not a guy that has sex outside of a committed relationship and as someone who is also religious, I really don't want a woman who has had three men on the go. My friend thinks I am insecure because I am not having sex with random women and casual sex with friends but I am not, I just don't think we're compatible and that's why I don't want to give her a chance.
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  • Who cares what she done in her past. People make mistakes that doesn't mean you should treat her like she's used. Jesus was with Marry Magdalena a former prostitute did he judge her? What makes me question religious people is how come they base there aspects of living on moral values and yet they still judge people?

    • If a girl is sleeping around then it can hardly be a mistake, it's what she like doing, she's young, free, single and can do what she likes with her body, I am not criticizing her for her decisions but I don't behave this way and I don't think I am wrong to want a partner with the same core values that I hold dear. Sex to me important and to her through her actions she has shown it isn't important to her and that's fine, we have different perspectives on life and how we go about living. I am not saying my way is better than hers but it is my way and I feel that we too different and therefore not compatible in a relationship.

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  • I think you made the right decision for you dude. You put your principles to use and made your decision base upon your core values. There sure isn't anything wrong in that. Many here will call you shallow but I give you two solid thumbs up

  • If you don't think you two are compatible, don't want to be with someone who sleeps around, and don't want to be with someone who has had three guys "on the go" as you said it, there's nothing wrong with that. If those are your standards stick to them. Everybody has their standards. These happen to be yours. I won't lower mine for anyone and I don't think you should either. If your set on your standards don't let anyone influence you or try to tell you their wrong.

    That said I don't think anything you mentioned is unreasonable. Even if I did, who cares? You're your own man and the master of your fate. Your the captain of your ship and at the helm. You make the rules for you and don't let anyone else make them.

    I also think if you tried to date this girl it wouldn't work. She doesn't meet the criteria you have and I think you would be unhappy from the start. If at a later time your opinions and standards change, so be it. I'd say stick to your guns for now.


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