Insecure in my first ever relationship?

I am 23 years old and after dating so many.. sorry fuck bois.. i finally in may found a guy who i slowly but surly fell in love with, he became my first ever boyfriend.

A guy who didn't dump me after he slept with me , a guy i can be myself with, a guy who understands my humour and my culture.

But he is 27 and has a A4 life, with apartment and good stable job and life, that he has worked very hard for, and i admire him for it.
But i am a student and i dont have my life organized and figured out, and im afraid that after a while he wants a wife and kids.. i finish my bachelor in June and than i will be working so i am almost there?

But i get insecure.. like i dont know how to cook.. i never cook for him he does all the cooking.. i feel like im childish when i try to be cute.. and i just want to be a sofisticated and serious grown woman... i guess.

He told me last night that what he likes about me is that we can hang out without having to do anything special, i can be on my phone on the couch while he is watching his nerdy game youtube clips and we can enjoy our time together,.. and that is also one thing i really love.
I dont know why i constantly get scared of losing him.. and im afraid that i should be acting more grown etc

How to get past this?


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  • Better yourself so you feel good


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