Why would she wanna date me now that I'm seeing someone else?

I was friends with this girl for like 3 years I'm totally in love with her. We hang out a lot to lot of stuff together I've always wanted to date her but she always said no. But now that I have a girlfriend she said she wants to date me not sure what to do?


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  • why did you ever get a girlfriend in the first place if you loved someone else? i say boo on you. even if the girl that you love never told you such a thing you could have been robbing your girlfriend of true love? why didn't you just balls up and ask that other girl out before? or at least try to make a move on her.

    if you are afraid of the friend zone its because you let her see you as a friend. you need to change your behavior. treat her special. be extra causious of her. pay for her. dote on her. this will make her see you not as a friend.

    • I did tell her my true feelings and ask her out several times she said no

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    • oooh okay. im sorry i take back my boo then. you were in the right.

      although thisbis a pickle that girl lost her chance now she's just playing with you. i say dont go back to her. until it naturally ends with your new girlfriend.

      and/or you can ask this girl you love why. seriously why. she suddenly wants to date you. did she confess to loving you? or just saying she wants to date you? because sometimes people dont know their true feelings until they see them with someone else

    • thank you for the mho

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  • She misses the attention and control. If you're happy with the person you're seeing, I would definitely take some time to think. There's a good chance the girl you've been in love with is going to flake on you not long after she gets you back. So you have to be prepared for that pain and to lose the girl you're with now.


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