How to stop being embarrased by being sexually inexperienced and never have had a boyfriend?

how to stop being embarrased by being sexually inexperienced and never have had a boyfriend? Its not like i haven't any any chances or anything, and most of the time it was me and not them (the reason for it not woriking out), but i still feel like it shouldn't be that hard, you know?

Im a cute 20 year old who isn't a terrible person, so it shouldn't be THAT hard to find someone... But i know i can't force it and im not willing to date anyone, so any advice on how stop letting in bother me?


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  • Just let it go and be yourself.

    • but myself want to be loved and wants sex... its not like thats something i can "just let go"

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    • im assuming you actually have seriously dated :/ but im going to try stop being embarassed by it

    • I have, but if I met a girl who hadn't, I wouldn't think any less of her 😀

  • Find someone who is equally inexperienced. Someone like me. I wouldn't look down on you or judge you, on the contrary i'd appreciate that... .

    • well, this is a personal issue.. i have only been judge about by this one guy who was forced to mary a girl and thats the only reason he is no longer a virgin, and he only wanted to sleep with me so he was willing to "help" me.. I dont like that guy lol Anyway, besides him no one looks down on me for it (that i know about).. and from what i have heard most guys dont mind inexperienced women, but thanks anyway! you sound sweet :)

    • thanks. i guess that sweetness will keep me a virgin for a couple more decades haha. anyway don't rush it or you'll regret it. looking for a good, lovong man is not a bad decision at all.

    • i am.. i have very high expectations ( tv and films ruined me), i expect results and answers almost straight away.. Atm getting me to sleep with you is pretty much impossible lol

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