Should I act like nothing happen?

I have been seeing this guy for 3 months. A couple of weeks ago I accused him of cheating. Before I did that he was so into me. He would shower me with affection, and was just a great guy. Now he said he's feeling have changed he though I wasn't a jealous person and he doesn't like drama. Before he would text me sweet things and now I have to text first. He use to answer when I would call and if he was busy he would call right back, now he will not answer my calls. We are still seeing each other but he is very different. I have told him I was sorry and I would never do it again. Should I just drop the subject or should I try talking to him again about it. Like I said he doesn't like drama. I'm going to see him tonight so any advice would be great.


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  • If you have ever been cheated on you could use that to your advantage as long as you are cautious and not use it in a comparative way or make it look like you grouping him with cheaters

  • So he didn't deny anything and suddenly lost feelings for you... hmmmmmmm stinks of cheating and maybe you hit a nerve if 2 by saying it to him.

    • Yes he did deny it. He said what he liked so much about me was that I was not a jealous type and I was drama free. I really didn't have a reason to accuse him but I did. My past relationship the guy cheating on me so now I'm very insecure. I just want a chance to fix this.

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    • You can only try it and hope he responds well and forgets it too. Good luck I hope it works out. Let me know how it goes.

    • I will thank you for you advice.

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