How do I get stuff rolling?

So I've been working with this girl for a year and a half at this job of mine. She used to get on my nerves and drive me crazy. We talked a lot regardless about stuff and we gossiped a lot. I had somewhat feelings for her and I wanted to take her out. Well I couldn't cuz she was seeing a guy so I fell back. i had asked her out before so she knew I liked her, but we still talked. When she broke up with her guy to go to college cus she couldn't do a LDR.

Months later I asked her out sand her reply was, "OK only as friends" and I told her why which she said, "Don't want a relationship for a long time" which I could understand and told her I wasn't looking for a relationship just someone I can talk and hangout with on a regular basis and if it turned into anything cool. She said she was cool with that.

We've been on one date and I've been trying to plan something before snow starts falling. But I don't know just seems I'm doing all the work I don't know, am I rushing things? I've been in a relationship to long to understand this dating thing again...

She hardly texts back to really plan much of anything... I've been thinking of letting her come to me, but I've done that with some girls and it's always the persistent guy that gets them I don't know... HELP


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  • She isn't interested. Move on.


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