Guys, why keep pictures of ex on facebook?

I personally remove any pictures of my ex and I once I end a relationship. Usually I don't want to see their pictures anymore because I'm over them and it's just a way of moving on. However, my ex didn't remove a picture of us together. I know he is aware of pictures and always looking at old pictures and I dumped him and he went out of his way to block me so why not just remove our profile pic too. It isn't the current profile pic but it isn't that old so I feel he should at least remove it so girls he dates in the future don't have to scroll and see it. Especially since I live in a city that everyone is linked to someone else in someway it's weird. Why keep a profile pic when you know very well it's there. Just curious. I made sure I wasn't tagged in the picture but it's weird since we have mutual friends and they ask me too why it's still up there.


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  • I wouldn't remove the pictures, removing the pictures shows everyone who has already seen the pictures that you made a mistake and are trying to cover up the past, removing pictures takes a dash at your character saying that "This person must still have issues with the relationship if they would go out of their way to remove old pictures"

    • I removed his almost immediately because I was 100% over it and knew I wouldn't go back and I didn't shed a tear cause I was relieved it was over. I removed them because I didn't want anyone to recognize him in the future or remember I dated him. I'd prefer pretending that him and I were never together and I would prefer he'd do the same. Some people mess up so badly that you can't even remember the good times fondly and just prefer living in denial about the entire relationship ever having existed.

    • If that is the case then you haven't truly come to terms with the reality of what the relationship was, and how it ended. It isn't healthy to simply pretend something in life didn't happen that becomes denial and repression. The best thing is to come to terms with your past accept it and learn all you can from it.

    • You're right and I did learn a lot from this relationship. I just prefer pretending it didn't happen because it hurt the self esteem. When you get cheated on even though I know I shouldn't take it personally it still hurts and usually at least girls take it personally and think it has something to do with them. I just don't want to admit that he changed how I felt about myself.

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