Can someone help me sort this out - I am so confused and need your help! Does he like me or not?

Max & I have been friends for 8 years we never expressed attraction towards each other

I was dating someone &as the relationship was ending (which Max knew) I noticed Max being VERY flirty w/ me like never before. This sparked something in me- I developed a crush on him. One night prior to the end of my relationship Max told me how he had feelings. He knew it may complicate things but we are always honest &he wanted me to know& he kissed me

My relationship ended (not due to him) - &Max & I talked about the 2 of us &our potential. He expressed concerns b/c he said he didn't want to be the rebound & he still needs to sort out his feelings b/c he was confused why it took 8 years for him to see that he was interested. I told him I agreed & we should take it is slow. I didn say he couldnt talk to other people& I didn't want to put him on hold since I just got out of a relationship

Last week the 2 of us were hanging out &he pulled me close to him &held me & told me how he liked being close to me & how I fit w/him. He told me he was approached by a girl he had went out w/a few months ago & she wanted to give it another go - he asked me if I thought this a betrayal to me. I said no - he needs to be happy & if it is me great - but he needs to make sure. He told me he didn't think it would work out w/her b/c he wasn't comfortable w/her, conversation isn't great w/her like it is w/me&he wanted someone who he could be friends w/

Last night myself Max &a group of people (including the girl he is talking 2) were all hanging out - he kept staring @me. After she left he kept grabbing my hand & holding it or trying to put his arms around me - we were drinking so i figured it was that.

My issue is: I will text him & he won't always get back to me - or it will take a lot of time. Honestly I know i need to take more time but I really like Max I can't stop thinking about him & wanting to be w/him.

does it seem like he i


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  • If the only reason you're doubting his feelings is the texting thing, don't sweat it. Some people are just bad texters. Or maybe he wants to add some intrigue. Maybe he wants to make sure it goes slowly and it's easier for him to take it slow with texting because when he's with you his feelings overwhelm him, whereas when it's just a digital conversation it can be easier to wait a long time. He may have learned from the past that the best way to keep a girl interested is to take time to respond to texts and it's a tough habit to break. It could be any of those things.

    But it sounds like he has feelings for you.

  • seems like he likes you


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