How do you tell if a girl cheating ot not?

I just got a girlfriend and she pretty. The reason i make this is bc i think she could be cheating everyday for some reason I don't know ehy maybe im just being paranoid about it but one day i made her mad and she said its nothing to get someone over here and thst disturbed me ever since cause ik she can. Sometimes she doesn't text back for an hour or so and dhe says she sleeping and when i got to work she dont text me fast like she does when im off of work. I got her fb and i seen where one guy texted her i was finna look at what was being said and she deleted it. Her friend texted her about a party to and i was tryna see what she said about that but she deleted that to then i asked her about it and she said dont worry anout it she tells me she loves me everyday but you know how that is i want to believe she wouldn't cheat but somethin got me thinkin i hope not i would actually like to build with this person but tell me ahat you think and what are tell tell signs to know for sure
P. s i only got her fb account she has snapchat and whatever else so she could be talki. To people on there
Last night she didn't call me like she usually does she said she was goin to sleep and told me i should go to sleep then after an hour sheriff back and said dont be up talking to nobody and i told her her writing About me being up talkin to somebody shows me she be up talkin to somebody while im sleep she got mad and said bye


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  • If you Continue this Pathetic path of being paranoid, @wonderrer you will Not have Anything for long to to 'Build with this person' because your Bond bridge will be falling down, and you with it.
    If you want this relationship to Last and be healthy, then you need to change your ways. She is with You, she is telling You 'She loves you everyday,' but you still do not trust her nor want to believe anything she says or even what is going on when you are Not around.
    I feel you may be Insecure in your own way and that something happened to you in a Past relationship that put a sour ball in your mouth.
    Please, sit down and have a serious soul mate talk with her and get on the same page so you both can Continue something special that should not have to end because of either Social media or even you Feeling as you do with what you are thinking in your own head, that should be put to bed.
    Unless you have proof in your pudding with this pudding cup, then Anyone is Innocent until proven Guilty.
    Good luck. xx

    • i disagree with that those are majore signs showing she is cheatin trust me I've been in his place wtf is she hiding her phone is she dont have anything to hide why does she say tha she could have anybody to fuck if she not already plus he seen a guy textin her uhh no those are majors signs i would be curious my self.. too Noo he deserves bettter than thaa

    • You right last relationship messed me up i put all my time and effort trying to make somethin outta nothing. The whole tinge i was tryna be with her she was talking toothed dudes hanging out with them and ignoring me. made me feel like shit cause i dont have much and the guys she was messing with had everything given to em but im over it i told her they gone used for what she was worth android i said they just used her for a quick fuck she apologized but its messed me up. The thing is my girlfriend now knows how i feel about that stuff and i tell her i dont trust her as far as i can see her. She reassures me she not gone do that to but her actions sometimes tell me didferent like just now she didn't reply for an hour or so said she almost fell asleep. I told go to sleep ill be up she replied and said why you want me to go to sleep so bad and i told her the same reasob you wanted me to go to sleep so bad last night. Still no reply

    • If you then have signs that she is Cheating, then it is time to leave. xxoo

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  • Those Are Many signs where a Female is cheating if a female hides her Phone from You she's cheating!!! and especially when a female says they can have any man ovaa there with her Yaa she cheating You deserve Better Lovee

    • No if this dont work im giving up on gemales completely I've got to much love to constantly waste it on a chick woo dont give af about me I don't know though i tell her if dhe ill find out and deal with it dhe says she not though i hour she not

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    • Damn Cymone.

    • Yess maaa its been Hard these Past four recently relationships but its only make me stronger💪 🙏 ☝️

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  • there's something wrong no doubt


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