My boyfriend won't have sex what can I do?

So my boyfriend of 4 years comes out with the "I'm too tired for sex" comment. He is devoted to me I know this we are completely transparent and the sex is brill but when he says this I feel so unwanted and disgusting I'm always up for it anytime anywhere whereas he isn't what can I do to maybe boost his sex drive- trust me I've tried a lot!


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  • Never understand too tired for sex. If he says this then shower him with cold water and send him running up and down the room. Excersise usually stimulates you and actually gives u an energy burst with increased heart rate. When he's done just dive on him before he relaxes again.

    • If I did that he would launch me he's a ginger very angry sorts haha

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    • Haha I've tried everything it doesn't work, honestly I just don't understand it :/ he often says I'm far too good looking for him and all his past girlfriends have been ugly but I should hope that makes it better 😏

    • Yes you would think he'd get all he can while he can if he thinks your too good for him lol and might end up meeting someone better! Well you need to do something else either a visit to a sex toy store or a fuck buddy to fill the gap hehe

  • He may have low testosterone. Visit to the doc could help

    • I have often considered this however there's no chance I'd get him there!

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