Am I stuck up for not wanting to spend the night at my boyfriends apartment because it's dirty/messy?

I've been dating a guy for the last 7 months. At first he always kept everything neat and clean and was worried about what I thought about his apartment.

Fast forward a couple months and his place is a mess. He has a 7 to 3pm job and no other responsibilities so he does have time to clean. He wants me to spend the night Friday, but not when the place looks like that... there's barely space for my duffel bag.

Would it be rude telling him what I think?
Why does he not care anymore?


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  • He has to get up early, he probably can't be bothered to clean shit. Maybe you could do it for him? hahahaa


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  • No not at all he should make an effort to make it nice for you. I always have mine spotless its more like a women lives there lmao

  • clean if for him. girls clean my place.


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