Am I leading her on?

So.. I started seeing this girl last summer, we broke up maybe four or five times in the past year but we kept getting back together. I broke up with her for good at the start of this summer and she moved out of the country. I still text her everyday because she's a good friend of mine. I went to visit her for a weekend recently and we slept together, and then she came to visit me for a weekend a while after. She sent me a box of chocolates, and sometimes I send her vegemite. I also gave her an iPhone charger when she came to visit. We're not together, I've slept with other people but I still talk to her and facetime her a lot. Am I leading her on?

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I have told her that we're not together explicitly, I keep telling her this. I only sent vegemite once.
Every other time we've broken up we've got back together in 3 days. But we've been broken up for 3 months now.


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  • Yes. be honest with her.


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