STUCK in this shithole?

I can't get a shitty job, I can't find a house and im stuck in this house with my BITCH ass lazy mentally ill bipolar whhore of a sister, she is 29 and her character aka mental illnes drags everyone down with her, this BITCH hasn't worked in ,8 years and acts like a princess with an attitude, she acts tough as if she is something, she tries to intimidate us, I can handle her in one fight but that would put me in jail, she has NO social life nor friends never dated and has an internet life, this girl is INSANE, I hate her guts, and hopes she dies in her sleep, theperson I can't stand the most is my stupid mother who enables this trash child since birth, she keeps protecting her. HOW can I get iver this bitternes and anger and live in peace while searching for a house, I have no peace inside my mind im constantly agitated, restless and annoyed. ITS NOT MY FAULT I WAS BORN, I AM TRYIN! TO GET A DEGREE. sometimes im scared mt life or safety is in danger and I might get attacked by her, would she,?


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  • You really need to chill out.

    Seriously, the very first thing you have to do is learn to control your emotions. Try the book Emotional Chaos to Clarity, or maybe Pyscho-Cybernetics. That HAS to be your first step... you are clearly spiraling downward -- don't let it turn into a disaster.

  • Wow! So much anger? Maybe you could profit from some counseling at school until you get a degree and an income so you can move out.


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