What would you do if you dated a man or woman that farted loudly in any public place no matter who was around or where it was?

And just said "sharing is caring, my mother taught me to share and I don't want to be selfish".
  • I would laugh my ass off.
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  • It would not be funny but I would not be annoyed either.
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  • I would be annoyed and tell them to stop it.
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  • I would dump them.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd be disgusted and ask them to stop, if they didn't I'd dump them

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    • Not from what I have seen. I have seen so many girls go for guys over 6 ft 2.

    • They're really aren't that many guys over 6'2

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have no doubt this guy was humiliated beyond belief. The very notion that she asked him to bare the blame is ludacris in its self. I say he should get rid of her. She has no moral or ethical fiber what so ever

    • Yeah, i mean in that situation it is wrong. I mean if I was walking though the mall or something with my girlfriend I would not mind her ripping a long, loud and stinky fart though.

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    • Your welcome.

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  • Yeah... bye.

    • Most places I would not mind a girl doing that but there would be some places I would not find it funny.

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    • @bryon Yes, I mean if I was dating a girl and we were walking though the mall I would not mind her farting and letting it go of a massive long, loud, fart that reeks but in a Church and at someones funeral is disrespectful.

    • Also can you please comment on the question so I can talk to you without giving this user lots of notifications please.

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