PLEASE HELP ME! Quick read just leave a little comment to help me out ? im worried he's cheating. ?

been dating him a year and a half. He seems like a good man. But sometimes I find him liking girls picture.
Looking at girls wen we r out.
& calling girls boo on social media once or twice in the past year.
Those r the only indications of him being flirty.

Now, he started a new job at a stateum where lots of people work and lots of pretty girls I'm sure. His first day was Sunday. He hasn't spend the night Since then and it's Tuesday. haven't seen him at all and we always spend nights together. (ALWAYS).
he has been consistent w texting me through out the days. But who knows who els he is texting?
Now I am at work and we r texting. I ask "Wat undoing" he says " going to the gym with my friend"
i even asked him to go to the gym with me b4 n he would say no I'm embarrassed.
he never never goes to the gym not once in the past year and a half we been dating.
What is going on with him?
Signs of cheating?
(His phone... I don't have the pw but he leaves it laying around and isn't to protective with it. No late night text or anything)( I been thinking of looking in it cus I may no the pw. ...
Sunday he might have gotten a girls number n hasn't spent time w/ me cus of that?
( reason for this post is cus I'm a very insecure person and I may just be over thinking it)


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  • He might be tired or maybe he needs space. It could be possible he is with another girl but it's hard to tell because I think you would need some proof or evidence. I hope he has a very good reason for the way he is acting now.


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