Why can't I tell her how I feel?

There's this girl I have liked for over a year, and I keep wanting to tell her how I feel. Everytime I go to tell her how I feel, I chicken out. I don't know why. It may be too late for this girl because she might be moving in a few months. Any tips for me on how to actually go through with it in the future?


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  • 20 seconds of insane courage ( quoting "We Bought A Zoo" .. literly, i had this same problem except with a guy.. i always would chicken out.. then one day my friend told me this quote and i got hyped and asked him, all went well and we have been datinf for a year now, the worst that can really come out of it is if she says no, but think on the bright side, there are plently of girls out there! ps, good luck with whatever you decide!


What Guys Said 1

  • don't give yourself time to think

    • i agree if you over think it then you will most likely end up not going and doing it

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