No text after a date?

So I met this guy on Friday night at a friends holiday party. we hit it off and actually coincidentally found out we were going to the same football viewing party the next day. We exchanged numbers that night and had a quick kiss. Next day we are the gamewatch the whole time together. Things are great and he makes a plan to take me to dinner on Monday. Dinner is great and he walks me home and we have a little makeout session. He ends the night by saying what's your schedule like the rest of the week. And because I'm in finals I can't do something until the weekend. So Sunday we have planned on doing something. Thing is going he hasn't texted all day today! I usually get some sort of contact the day after. I know we have a plan set in a few days but is this a bad sign?


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  • Guys aren't as serious about texting as we are, so I wouldn't worry at all. He's probably just bust doing other things.


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