What would you think about this guy's reply?

Hello, all.

So basically I messaged a responded back to a guy on OKC. And we started to play 21 questions down the road.

So I asked him the following;

Me: When did you lose your virginity? If you could go back in time, would you change that?

Him: Lol. 6 months ago. Hmm, probably not.‚Äč

Isn't it bit odd for a 22 year old to only become a virgin couple months ago, I feel like this isn't real. What do you think?
Fix: I meant to say he was no longer virgin since 6 months ago. Sorry for grammer mess up :(


Most Helpful Guy

  • You want us to make up something to confirm your idiotic suspicions? Fine.

    "Wow, that's so late! He's lying!"


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not at all abnormal, there is no "deadline" for which you should lose your virginity. Some people prefer to wait. I see nothing wrong with it at all and considering men have a negative stigma placed against them for being inexperienced I see no reason for him to lie.


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What Guys Said 1

  • 22 still a virgin waiting to fall in love so not really.

    • Same:22 year old virgin here too.

    • @RJGraveyTrain lol I'm on OKC and its strange, a lot of double standards and such. I have a friend that lost his at 21 last year he was telling everyone and was so proud, just how most guys are.

What Girls Said 1

  • I doubt he is lying, some people just get confidence at different times than others, some people make decisions about when to do certain things and maybe you need to find out more about him and then the age he lost it would make more sense to you maybe. I will be honest a guy i started to talk to told me he was a virgin and i pretty much stopped talking to him not too long after that, cause im pretty sure he was lying as he was being somewhat bold sexually for someone who was a virgin and also he was being too sexual too soon. So time will tell if he saying he lost his virginity 6 months ago is true cause any guy or person lying about that is an idiot.
    lol good luck


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