Please help, the guy I like his best friend likes me , what should I do to not loose the guy I like?

i like a guy, i think he likes me too, we know each other little so far tho. he invited me to his house party where i mef his roomate, who is also his best friend. later his roomate texted me (i guess he took my contact from the guy i like) asking if i wanna hang out sometime. later he asked me when i have time to hang out as if he would like to see me. i am super confused because i don't like him and i like his roomate so what should i do to keep the things cool?
i mean I like the guy who invited me to the house party but not interested in his roomatne who is also his best friend


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  • It may be possible that he just thought you were cool and wants to be friends he doesn't necessarily have to like you to want to hang out. If you are that make a move on the guy you actually like to show that you are interested in him and the other guy won't be attached so he shouldn't feel rejected if you do it soon enough that it seems like you had no idea the other guy liked you.


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