I have strong feelings for a girl I barley know?

Okay well to begin with im 19 and i met this stud. A girl and she's really cool and long story short i got her number and me and her was talking and we had really great chemistry together and she talked about picking me up one weekend to hang out and before this, she told me she really liked me and I was really cool and everything. So this past week i haven't heard from her at all but once i got a good morning text. Last week she moved to a new place, she is 23 and told me she usually dont talk to younger girls but she said i was pretty cool. And the last actual convo we had she was talking about picking me up and everything. I mean what does it sound like? Does she like me but dont wanna get deep into things? Because feelings can't change all of a sudden in a day. I dont know but i really can't stop thinking about this girl. What do i do?


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  • If you don't want sex or anything you should make that clear. But if you like her and want her to get you and hang out then I say go for it!

    • So i should make it clear to her that im not just here for sex that i actually genuinely like her? But how does that explain her all of a sudden not talking to me

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    • Okay thank you a lot , it actually made me feel better. I just need to stop thinking so deep into stuff

    • It's totally understandable, and sometimes you just need a second opinion. I'm happy you're feeling better!

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