My friend looks young and she doesn't?

I set up my friends all the time and I have a good friend who is 24 but she looks really young.
Most of the girls of her age or even younger than her look much older and mature thadn her.
She has a baby face, is petite in frame hence looks even more smaller than she is.
She used to go for older guys only when it comes to dating but they always looked much older than her and they looked like a bad match.

There is a guy she currently likes who is 2 years younger than her and he is well suited for her because they both look completely well matched. He's taller than her, has a good physique and looks great , older than her so its well and good but she's like he's younger than me.
That guy has already dated girls who have been older than him.

How do I make her see the age is nothing and they make a good pair?


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  • Unfortunately, some people just think that the woman should be younger. Such a sad thing


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