My boyfriend is so jealous of me being around other men?

I can't even deal with my boyfriend jealous it's been 3 years and he still dosent trust me I feel. whenever I talk to another guy on Facebook he gets super jealous and demands I block them even when my boyfriend brother looks or talks to me he gets uncomftable and starts grilling me about it later asking if I have a thing for his brother it's really immature. When I was younger I was sort of a Tom boy and most of my friends were boys who I would run around with and I'm still good friends with them all but I have to hide and lie about that part of my life because he gets so jealous and accuses me of cheating. AV lost a lot of friends because of the way he acts and how he gets overprotective if I go out without him to a club and wear a short dress. If he dosent trust me what's the point. AV got to the point were am over his bullshit AV been going out a lot behind his back and hanging out with guy friends of mine and going clubbing and having a good time. I hate lying cos we r like best friends but a can't settle anymore and be a saint and be who he wants me to be. I need to put my needs before his. Is our realtaionship over?


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  • you're not jealous of your boyfriend being around other women? just think about your situation.


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