Long distance relationship but want somebody I live around?

I moved back to my hometown a few months ago and have been involved with a guy [BoyA) I've known for years where I used to live. The relationship started when I left so we haven't spent time together yet, next month we will when I go visit. The problem is, there's a guy I work with who has been showing a lot of interest in me [BoyB) and I'd like to start developing a relationship with him. I don't want to turn into a cheater so I asked [BoyA) about me being in another relationship, cutting him off, then possibly getting involved with him again AFTER. He made it clear if I did that I can't come back to him because he not go wait for me and didn't want to talk about it anymore. The thing is... I care about [BoyA) a lot and I'd love to be with him but under the circumstances we can't right now and I'm not exactly happy with the situation 100%. I can't stop thinking about [BoyB) and would love to go on a date with him soon but I don't know if I should either wait until I go visit [BoyA) and see how that turns out then decide, move forward with [BoyB) and let him know about [BoyA) ... Which is really what I wanna do, or just not get involved with [BoyB) because he might not like the idea of somebody else being in my life. Any advice?

[ Me and BoyA have known eachother for 6 years, he's been trying to date me since but I kept rejecting him so we never spent anytime together. We are not together but more than friends)


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  • Give him a chance.


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