Which guy would you prefer to date?

1) Good-looking guy, in shape and tall, but he's a little boring, and conversation can get stale. You have to decide pretty much everything because he's always "down to do anything", but he's also a gentleman and sweet guy. Civil Engineer.

2) Decent-looking guy, in shape, you have a lot to talk about over text, he's very interesting and keeps you on your toes during that, but in person he's quieter, not as talkative and you guys have some awkward silences. He shares in decisions and doesn't leave it all up to you, is a gentleman, and very outdoorsy. He's short though, about 5'4". Software Engineer.

3) Not very attractive guy, really skinny, but he's extremely intelligent, conversations are always engaging, and you share similar beliefs. He takes the lead on dates and most decisions, with your input of course, and he's also really wealthy (tad bit of a show off about that though). Finance/Investment type stuff.

4) Very attractive guy, in really good shape/goes to the gym a lot (he works at 24), fun, sweet and a gentleman. He's a little shy and awkwardly adorable at times, but generally takes the lead while asking your opinion as well. Likes you a lot. Three years younger than you though, and is still in college. Science major.

5) Attractive guy, outgoing, fun, forward about how attractive he finds you, lots to talk about, and conversation flows easily. He likes to go out and have fun. Good chance he's not looking for a relationship though, and he's not that great about keeping in touch. Firefighter.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Guy 4 seems like the best pick in my opinion.

    • Yeah, he's great, I just wish he was older...

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  • I tend to take charge of conversations and hardly ever run out of interesting things to say, so the boring aspect of number one probably wouldn't get to me too much. I also plan on being an architectural engineer, something right in line with his area of work. He seems like he would be near perfect for me!

  • Guy # 2 , excluding the awkward silence


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