Girlfriend and open relationships?

I love my girlfriend to death! But she wants to be abstinent for 3 months. I'm a very sexual person. 1 1/2 months into her abstinence I proposed an open relationship. She said it was fine with it because she only wants me to be happy but she was screaming at me because I wanted to have sex with someone else while she chooses to stay abstinent. She asked me who I wanted to sleep with and I said one of her friends who was a slut (Jane) . she then went onto say she probably would screw me and that she didn't think I loved her even though we've been dating for over a year now and I express my feelings all the time. Is it reasonable for someone to get pissed off over their partner wanting to have sex while they choose to be abstinent? I hate masturbating! What do you propose I do? I can't stand the thought of cheating and I don't feel like I can go without sex much longer.


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  • Why doesn't she want to have sex with you?

    • I think she wants time to try to figure out what techniques work best to give her an orgasm because were both fairly new to sex and the sex of late had apparently been getting worse for her. I would just get her a vibrator but I don't have an adult store near me.

    • What technique works best for you?

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  • You're not in LOVE, a person in love will automatically be loyal to the person and cannot even think about having sex with any other girl.
    Move on dude.


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