How does a GUILTY person answer this question & how does a INNOCENT person answer this question?

Me: Baby,
Him: yea?
Me: quick question..( just curious)
*If u wanted to start talking to someone els... what would u do & How would u tell me?*

(I basically wanted to bring this up with my partner to give a clear understand that if he started or was talking to someone new at some point he would tell me, )
now my fellow readers you answer this question; give a guilty response ( u r secretly taking to someone) and a respond coming from someone who is loyal and would never !!


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  • I dont think there is really a guilty or innocent response... It would be about the same... But why would u ask this? Do you think he is seeing somekne else?

    • Well. I'm not sure.
      We used to live across the street from each other so he would spend the night every night. I moved 30 mins away last month. We stood very often last month. This month has been the first time I don't c him in 3 days.
      I'm not used to it & I asked him Wats going on. He said its ruff for him to wake up at7am when we go to bed at 1am when he stays here every night ( cus I get out at 11 at night. ) He said he gets tired and stuff.
      I'm thinking ok that's a valid reason. But then I started thinking beyond that like he works 6 days a week. And it's really inevitable those complaints.
      I can't change that I live far not can he change that he has work at 8 am 6days a week. And my hours r 3-11pm so that's y we get to bed so late.
      what should I do?
      I kind of feel like breaking up cus he doesn't want to sacrifice being tired

    • Ya thats rough... But i dont think u should break up over it... Jobs come and go, and its tough to find a real good relationship... If you guys are serious enough, mayb live together... Some time apart is usually good for a relationship, but that is a lot.. Mayb talk to your bosses about different shifts? Or try and get the same days off... I work about the same hours, so i really doubt he's cheating.. On my day off, i just lay around after house chores.. lol..

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