Met a girl on tinder?

So I've met a girl on tinder, we've been texting for about 4/5days. she's away at uni and won't be back in our hometown for a few weeks. I suggested meeting up when she's home again after about 2 days of talking, she responded saying "that's not an awful idea :)" (not really sure how positive response this is, I think she doesn't seem sure? What do you think) but anyway because I won't be able to see her for a few weeks anyway, is it worth giving a day or two break in the texting, a few times? Will this make her want to speak to me more? I've heard keeping distance makes the heart grow fonder, does this count for someone you've only been speaking to for 4/5days? I just don't want to seem clingy texting everyday etc...
Opinions? Girls?


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  • No. Keep up the current pattern. Also, that's a very positive response. She is just trying to be coy


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