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So I met this girl online, we've been messaging each other for the past 5 days. She's away at college and won't be back in our hometown for 2 weeks, but after a few days mesaging I suggested meeting up when she's back, she said hmmm that doesn't sound like an awful idea is this positive or is she just trying to be nice? Also I'm thinking about not messaging her for a day maybe two, as j don't want to message her too much before we even meet up, also I don't want to seem clingy. Will this make her more interested? We talk daily at the moment.
Any more opinions? Girls?


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  • Using the wording "doesn't sound like a awful idea" says to me that she does have some level of interest, even tho it might not have been the best way to word it. Also don't stop texting like you where if she said she will go out with you, she obviously likes talking to you and it sounds like you both get along great. The lasting to do is text daily and then ask her out and get quiet suddenly.

  • ... still positive


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